Trump calls out Hillary and the Mainstream Media

Trump calls out Hillary and the Mainstream Media

The mainstream media has often been used over the years as a campaigning tool, especially when it comes to the spread of propagandas. This, in turn, shapes the thoughts of the consumers to support the candidate who is portrayed as being fitter for a political seat. This pattern has been evident in the American politics especially in the 2016’s presidential elections. The media seems to be favoring the Democrat’s Party candidate, Hilary Clinton. It is, therefore, true to argue that the media is in her pocket and can sway it the way she wants to poison the American Minds.

On a certain Sunday’s night show at NBC, the incontrovertible fact of favoritism was evident when Kristen Welker was talking to Jen Palmieri. Kristen hinted Jen, who is Hilary’s aide, on the questions to be asked without knowing that the microphone was on. The same questions were repeated on the show, a clear indication that the interviewee was well prepared on the issues at hand. This is an indication of favoritism which greatly undermines the neutrality of the mainstream media.

The polls that show Trump Trailing Clinton are also skewed, with those surveyed, denied a chance to say why they will opt to vote for him. The mainstream media has also underscored the reports of sexual misconduct accusations against Donald Trump. This has seen many voters defect from the Republican side and now backing Hillary Clinton without proper questioning on the validity of these reports. In another scenario, an analysis published by the Center for Public Integrity showed a high degree of preference geared towards swaying votes towards the Democrats candidate. The analysis reported that 96% of the journalists’ campaign donations had gone to Clinton. However, Trump’s $400 million against Hilary’s $795 million reveals that it was only 66% and thus an intentionally exaggerated figure. It is, therefore, fair to say that the mainstream media is more critical on the Republican candidate.

This is just another prime example of how the media and politicians are trying their very best to mislead the American public. It’s times like these when we’ll have to consider switching to alternative news sources that aren’t so misleading.

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