3 Superb Herbs to Ease Your Anxiety

3 Superb Herbs to Ease Your Anxiety

What if I can’t pass my tests? Or what if I can’t make to pay my credit? All these worries can be good for our well-being especially when they help us think about our futures. If the worries are too overwhelming though, they can intoxicate the body.

If you’re too much worried, you’re probably suffering from anxiety. Stress can send you to another world – you can’t stay still and calm. Your pulse is too high, and your breathing pattern is distorted.

Who knows if this has occurred to you for a while, or it just started the other day. Perhaps you’ve gone to the doctor for a prescription, but you’re not happy with the drugs.

Probably you’ve tried some exercise and deep breathing but all aren’t alleviating your worry. Today I’ve got good news for you that there are astounding herbs that can cure your fear.

The bottom line is that prescription anxiety drugs can be very dangerous, expensive, addictive, and also sometimes ineffective.. In fact, the drugs can be addictive after prolonged use, and they do not work for everyone. I have quite a lot of faith in herbs and how they can be utilized as medicine.

Most herbs have remained unstudied for their medicinal values and their side effects for quite some time now. For the few that have been tested, the evidence that was obtained remains full of loopholes.

Here’s 3 powerhouse herbs that can really help you calm down!

1. Kava Kava

A root extract of kava has been used for centuries by Pacific Islanders to relax their anxieties in addition to its social and cultural importance. A study that was conducted at the University of Freiburg found out that kava is safer to use than placebo! Various studies have differed on the dosage of kava, but it has worked superbly to anyone who has taken a few sips to alleviate anxiety.

Kava is not considered a miracle herb to some countries. It was banned in several countries after it was associated with liver damage. However, some other studies have quieted this claim but I can’t make a decision right away as further research is needed to settle the dispute.

Of more concern is that kava can interact with other drugs primarily prescriptions and alcohol to cause lethargy and other unintended effects. So Take precaution when using this herb. It can be very beneficial, but also somewhat dangerous according to the research.

2. Valerian

Valerian is useful for those who have anxiety accompanied with stress. Despite the fact that few people have reported no benefits; the herb is superb in lightening anxiety. Look! Nobody has an idea what is the effect of using this herb for a prolonged time. Just use it for less than a few weeks!

3. Lavender 

Lavender is another herb you shouldn’t miss out on. Aromatherapy or when taken by mouth can help to assuage your anxiety.

Besides, oral intake can cause stomach upsets and numbing effects as well as increased appetite. Some studies have associated it with a significant drop in blood pressure.

Take into account that most of these herbs are for minor anxiety relief. If you want to get rid of your fear completely, don’t miss out new practices such as deep breathing and regular exercise. But with no doubt herbs are your safest and most efficient remedies for your worry!

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